The ACTMOST programme has been finalised and replaced by the ACTPHAST programme. Please check the ACTPHAST website to discover how ACTPHAST can accelerate your photonics innovation.
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Our Mission

To stimulate industrial innovation in Europe we created ACTMOST: a platform that facilitates industrial access to photonics experts and micro-photonic technologies. ACTMOST  works as an efficient "one-stop-shop-solution-provider” for European companies. It pro-actively provides companies with timely, cost-effective, and investment-free access to cutting-edge micro-photonic technologies and knowledge to  professionally support the development of new products.

The technology support that ACTMOST provides encompasses the entire food-chain of micro-photonics: from optical design, to measurement, prototyping, packaging, all the way to proof-of-concept demonstration, reliability testing, and pre-production level fabrication.

ACTMOST aprovides complete solutions for companies through focused collaborations and through personalized hands-on training of industry staff in the highly-advanced laboratories of the ACTMOST technology partners.

Companies can contact ACTMOST through a central help desk that provides information on how to get access to ACTMOST technology and training facilities.

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Project support officer
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