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Prototyping, mastering & replication

The Prototyping, Mastering and Replication Unit: hosts Europe’s experts in the field of prototyping and fabrication, as well as a portfolio of selected technologies for prototyping, mastering and replication of micro-optical components. It provides feasibility studies, services, and training in the prototyping of micro- and nano-scale optical structures and components (such as e.g. diffractive, refractive and hybrid micro-optical structures, micro-structured optical fibres, MOEMS; etc...), in low-cost mass-replication of such components in advanced optical materials with technology processes that are industry-production-compatible (roll-to-roll printing, hot embossing, and micro-injection moulding); as well as assistance in transiting from pre-production scale fabrication to low-cost high-volume mass production.

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Project support officer
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