The ACTMOST programme has been finalised and replaced by the ACTPHAST programme. Please check the ACTPHAST website to discover how ACTPHAST can accelerate your photonics innovation.
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Customized Trainings

ACTMOST does also offer dedicated trainings to the industry. The trainees are staff members of companies who will receive an in-house hands-on training to acquire very specific competences related to micro-optics design tools, instrumentations or other technological facilities

Trainees can apply their newly learnt skills immediately in their company in order to introduce new solutions or innovations. Although this type of activity could serve many purposes, it is mainly meant to give engineers a dedicated practical training or re-skilling with cutting-edge technological capabilities, instrumentation or design software.

Companies that would like to offer their staff members dedicated hands-on trainings will be guided by ACTMOST’s central contact point to a trainee responsible who will personally supervise the trainees during a 1 or 2 weeks training in one of ACTMOST’s high-tech laboratories. The costs for these trainings are estimated between 4500-9000 Euro and are financed by the European Commission.

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