The ACTMOST programme has been finalised and replaced by the ACTPHAST programme. Please check the ACTPHAST website to discover how ACTPHAST can accelerate your photonics innovation.
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Benefits for your company

  • Your user project is performed by top specialists from the EU who support your company with their expertise.
  • The latest cutting-edge technologies and benchmarked instrumentation are available to accomplish your project successfully.
  • A complete one-stop-solution from design to packaging is accessible without investment-risk.
  • Costs of small pre-competitive projects can be waived completely for SME's and partially for large scale companies. 
  • For spin-off's, start-ups and SME's the costs can be waived up to a maximum of 60k€. For large-scale companies half of the costs can be waived up to a maximum of 30k€.
  • An ACTMOST expert will assist you with the application form for waiving the project costs
  • Applications will be evaluated for financial support (every 3 months, the first evaluation deadline is 31-12-2010 ).  
  • If your application is positively evaluated, the project leader will co-ordinate the user project.
  • The project leader will inform you frequently about the progress of your project through personal meetings and progress reports and will ensure that your company and its staff members are deeply involved in the activities and as such are part of the solution.
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Mrs. Nathalie Debaes
Project support officer
+32 2 629 10 18

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