The ACTMOST programme has been finalised and replaced by the ACTPHAST programme. Please check the ACTPHAST website to discover how ACTPHAST can accelerate your photonics innovation.
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What is a "user project" ?

An ACTMOST user project is a micro-optics support project requested by a company that aims at the use of advanced micro-optics and micro-photonic technologies for the purpose of product innovation.

The major objective of ACTMOST is to professionally support companies at the pre-competitive level with:

  • micro-optical modelling and optical design studies
  • measurement assistance and dedicated micro-optics instrumentation development
  • prototyping, mastering and replication of innovative micro-optic components and sub-systems
  • heterogeneous integration and packaging solutions
  • feasibility studies and proof-of-concept demonstrations
  • reliability tests
  • IPR screening services
  • standardisation assistance
  • and much more...


More info in the ACTMOST 'user-projects'-flyer :

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